Sunday, May 16, 2010

BSI: Prague Bareback Sex Investigation Part 1

BSI Prague: Bareback Sex Investigation is an all-sex cock-fest filled with super-hot and always horny Czech boys - an examination of up-close-and-personal, steamy bareback fucking with splattering cumshots. It's all raw and passionate as these uncut studs unleash their unwrapped shlongs. They get to crave the sensation of skin on skin with hungry mouths and throbbing dicks in amorous explorations of Euro-boy libidos.

In a couple of erotic photo shoots, hard cocks jump out and demand immediate attention. The photographers are right on the case not only as talented lensmen but expert cocksuckers and condom-free fuckers as well. Gasp in amazement as our anal exhibitionist plunges a huge plastic penis up his puckerhole. And it's suds and studs when a power bottom gets rammed at both ends in and out of the tub. It gives the phrase "bounced Czechs" a whole new meaning.

BSI Prague is sure to please the cock connoisseurs out there with its extreme close-ups and cream-filled conclusions. Czech out this film for its raw bareback sex, and its cast of wild, oversexed smooth twinks and hard-cocked studs.

Tour De Fuck

The European cycling circuit holds a lot of excitement for the jocks competing for the title. But what's not officially known is that riding bikes is not the only riding going on during the event. On downtime as the guys wend their way through the Alps, they find ample time to ride each other, grease each other's bearings and generally tighten up any loose gears along the way. Starring Euroboy exclusive fuck-stars Lukas Del Plata and Michael Amerika. Bulging jocks, muscular lycra-clad thighs ... cute boys peddle their way to the action ... Cum-hungry cyclists sucking, fucking, and spraying loads all over each other. Forget the Tour de France_this is Tour de Fuck!


It's a sweaty day at the gym...and it's about to get hotter! Watch as these muscular studs get a REAL work out! They are fucking each other in the locker room, on the workout mats and on the jogging trail. And when they go to shower off, they work up a sweat again - sucking each other's soapy dicks and bending over for a wet ass fuck!

European Heat - Disc One

The finest specimens of spunk-filled sexiness from across Europe cum together in an explosive combination of lust-filled Latinos, horny British scallies, Scandinavian sex gods and tons more continental cock cravers! Showing each other exactly how it's done in their homelands, they eagerly fuck and suck each other, leaving a souvenir of sticky, hot spunk across each other's faces! With some of the hottest men the continent has to offer, this is one European Union you don't want to miss!

Some Like It Blond

If you're a sucker for blonds, you've cum to the right place. Your eyes lock, he smiles. You notice he's really cute, sparkling eyes, and oh that blond head of hair. He's got that innocent look, boyishly flawless complexion, and an easy going attitude. You're hooked. He's sending you all the right signals. He speaks, you answer, and the hook-up is complete!